Amateur soccer taken to another level

About us

+10 is a mobile application available on both Android and IOS that allows amateur athletes to make use of professional services.

What we look for

Promote equal opportunities for amateur players through access to physical preparation services, technical and nutritional support, regardless of place of residence, or socio-economic conditions of the athlete.

Who can use our app?


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You will have access to all our exclusive physical preparation, injury prevention and nutrition plans, and to all the information about your tournament.


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  • We create personalized workout plans
  • Library of training videos with description 
  • Communication channels with your trainees
  • Control and monitoring of your team


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  • Leader-boards
  • Virtual observer feature
  • Details of all matches
  • Scorers / sanctioned players
  • Control and monitoring of your team
  • Fair play table
  • Laws of the game and notifications
  • Team shield logo maker

Our training plans







    Strength training

Strength training is a fundamental pillar of performance enhancement, since this ability is the basis of all others.

      Speed training

Speed work will be included into players soccer training with running technique, displacement and specific strength exercises. We help you improve your speed, together with the rest of your abilities.

       Endurance training

We provide endurance training for you with intermittent or interval methodology, so that you can perform it in the training field or on the gym treadmill.

     Technique training

Training and control of specific technique is a very important factor to improve the overall performance of the soccer player. For this reason, whether you are a field player or a goalkeeper, we propose technical actions with the ball to make your game more effective and efficient.

       Stability training

Body stability training is essential to improve performance and reduce injuries. A strong and stable middle zone can improve coordination during movements, maintain posture and lower limb stability.

      Flexibility training

Flexibility is the ability to move a joint or series of joints through a full range of motion, without restrictions or pain. We work on it with mobility exercises and with static and dynamic stretching exercises, adapted to each situation.

where to start?

Watch our video tutorials!

Our ambassadors

Camila Gallea


Player of Jesina Calcio Femminile in SERIES B of Italian women's soccer.

Matías Chavarría


Player of Tarazona from Spain, who plays in the second division of Spanish soccer.

Alejandro Altuna

Player of Flandria, from Buenos Aires, Argentine, which is a team of the National B Division.

Federico Bonansea

Argentine player as goalkeeper whose first team was Villarreal «C» from Spain. He is currently a member of Club Agropecuario Argentino, from Carlos Casares, Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is a team of the National B Division.

Our alliances

Our team

Marcos Abrutsky

Director of technical-sports rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Tali Aspis

Operations manager.

Fernanda Sappia

Female soccer director.

Manuel Starck

Technology director.

Lic. Lucas Pereira

Director of comprehensive physical preparation of the athlete.

Ignacio Virga

Press director, communication and tournament advisor.